The “Greatest Story” went something like this…

The ancient peoples reasoned that no one on Earth
could ever lay claim of ownership to the Great Orb of
Day.  It must belong to the unseen Creator of the
universe.  It became, figuratively speaking, not man’s,
but “God’s Sun.”  Truly, God’s Sun” was “The Light Of
The World.”  Later, during Roman times, “God’s Sun”
became “The Son of God.”

As stated before, in the dark cold of night man realized
his utter vulnerability to the elements.  Each night,
mankind was forced to wait for the “Rising of The Sun”
to chase away the physical and mental insecurity
brought on by the darkness.  Nighttime was man’s
greatest fear because predator animals came out at
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Therefore, the morning sun focused man’s attention on heavenly dependence for his
frail, short existence on Earth.  Doing so, it became an appropriate symbol of divine
benevolence from heaven.  During ancient Egyptian times, long before the times of
Jesus, the deity “Horus”, the son of Isis and Osiris, shared most of the same
mythological characteristics as Jesus the Christ.  Such as Horus was considered God’s
Son.  This is the name the ancients gave to God’s son.  During sunrise all the people of
the village would go out to see the sun rising or ‘Horus-rising’.  Still today, the sun
comes up on the Horizon.  

Similarly, the word hours comes from the word “Horus” (Hours/Horus).  When the sun
was at its height, at 12:00 noon, (the highest point in the sky) the ancients considered
that “Horus” was in the temple.  The ancients knew that it was 12:00 noon because
there was no shadow on the sundial.  So that, at 12:00 noon, Horus was in the temple.  

Ancient man saw in his male offspring his own image and likeness, and his own
existence as a father was proved by the person of his son.  It was assumed that “God’s
Son” was but a visible representative of the unseen Creator in heaven.  So it was said,
“When you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father.”  Said another way, “The
Father is glorified in His Son.”

Ancient man had no problem understanding that all life on Earth depended directly on
life-giving energy from the Sun.  Consequently, all life was lost without the Sun.  It
followed that “God’s Sun” was nothing less than “Our very Savior.”

•Logically, even if man himself dies, as long as the Sun comes up each day, life on Earth
will continue forever.  Therefore, it was said in the texts that everlasting life was “the
gift” that the father gives through his Sun.   Not for you personally-but for the Earth is
everlasting life!  Ancient man knew that when we die we will not go up into the sun.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Horus had a brother and his name was “Set”.  Set was
equal to Horus.  Now, at night Set came out.  This is why Set was pictured as “Black”,
because at night the heavens are Black.  
Since evil and harm lurked at every turn in the
fearful dark of night, all evil or harmful deeds were naturally the “Works of Darkness.”
And, of course the evil of night was ruled over by none other than “The Prince of
Darkness.”  Hence, evil is of the Dark or: Devil.

Early humanoids feared the darkness of night because it was more dangerous, animals
came out at night, and this is why early humans feared the darkness, not because of the
darkness itself, but because it was far more dangerous to be out at night.  This ancient
fear of the darkness later became the basis for the antagonistic attitudes toward Black
people in the world.