US bank closures and the dollar is eliminated:

Just imagine what our world will look like when the food stamp program grinds to a
halt…when the grocery stores refuses to accept credit cards, when the people who
run medical program decides that a procedure is too expensive and turn you away
from the hospital, when the banks are forced to close and the atm’s run dry.  This is
coming, it is here.  

Bank of America and Citicorp will close their doors in approximately six months, Wells
Fargo and some of the banks that you would least expect will close their doors
approximately eight months thereafter.
This has happened several times throughout history with the same disastrous results.

In ancient Egypt according to Genesis 47:15, when the money failed in Egypt and
Canaan, all the people came to Egypt and said, “give us bread, why should we die in
your presents, the money has failed.”

In Germany in the 1930’s, paper money was valued so low by the Central Bank, which
was owned and managed by the Jewish population, that the working people (mostly
Germans) literally burned the money to heat homes.  In 1933 Adolph Hitler came to
power in Germany and began the wholesale slaughter of the Jewish population.  Hitler
had found himself orphaned as a result of his parents starving to death as a result of
the Central Banks devaluation of the German currency.  (For those who are interested
in why Hitler hated Jews, this is the reason).

The same thing has happened in recent decades in Argentina, Ukraine, Venezuela, and
Zimbabwe, and as we speak it seems to be happening in France, Australia, Canada,
Russia, and Japan.  

Over the past year, their currencies have collapsed anywhere from 17% to 50% in
value.  Remember a 50% decline in the value of currency is the same as a 50% pay cut.  
Imagine what will happen if the currency is devalued by 50%, then think of what will
happen when you find that your money will buy only one half of what you are
accustomed to getting for your money.

This has happened in America.  In 1775, the colonies asked for funds to fight the
British, so they issued a new paper currency called the Continental, which quickly lost
its value.  In 1862, the government of the South issued a new paper currency, which
quickly lost its value.  By 1865-just three years later-a simple pair of shoes cost as
much as $600.  (with currency devalued to such rates, in the 1930's, by the Jewish
Central bank, what working German could afford a pair of boots, they had to burn the
low valued paper currency just to keep their homes warm enough to prevent freezing
to death.  They could not afford the cost of electricity.)  This occurred in Germany from
about 1918 until 1933 when Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany.  This is what the
Jewish media in America don't speak to when telling the story of the holocaust in

Our money is not backed by gold and has not been so backed for the past 40 years.  In
each of our experiences with money backed by nothing has ended in tears.  And now it
is about to happen again.