Government Intrusion and retirement:

The Government is hacking into our emails, cell phones, and credit card ratings.
Millions of American homeowners are trying to get back to even after the 2008, 2009
financial crisis.

Poverty, civil unrest, cost of living spiraling out of control appear to be unique to the
untrained eye.  They all trace back to a single bad decision.  Something the politicians
have attempted to sweep under the rug.
If this is right, it will trigger the next great collapse-far worse than what we
experienced just a few years ago in 2008.  This information that follows hopes to see
you take this final chance to take matters into your own hands, before it’s too late.

On the one hand the average American enjoys a standard of living higher than it has
ever been; on the other hand, most Americans find it hard to get ahead.  But even the
most fortunate among us are worried that they may never be able to retire.

What things are going to happen next, and what can you do about it:
Social unrest is on the rise, college graduates have found themselves burdened with
trillions of dollars of education debt.  The cost of health care has continued to soar to
the point where the average retiree must save $275,000 simply to cover their basic
medical expenses.  These are signs that money is losing its value and will soon cease
to exits.

Let’s take a look at the Great Depression.  From 1913 until 2013, paper money has lost
95% of its value.  This means that what costed one dollar in 1913 costed 21 dollars in
2013, and most Americans and politicians don’t realize this is happening.  But, this is
the root cause why so many Americans find it more and more difficult to meet the
current standard of living.  For many Americans the idea of being able to retire will
never happen.
It is why a single medical procedure or unexpected bill could tip millions of Americans
into bankruptcy, and why nursing mothers have to work when they need and want to
be at home care for their new born, and why a full shopping cart at the grocery store
can easily set you back $200 or $300.

Back in the 1960’s Ron Paul, as a congressman, told the congressman and the
population at large;

The issue Ron Paul was addressing was; if the price of electricity doubles, your check
is not going to double, as the price of food continue to rise, the small increases in your
check are not going to compensate for that.  For example, imagine paying $7.00 for a
gallon of regular gasoline, $20 for a burrito, $11.50 for whole milk, $14.00 for a small tin
of blueberries, $71,000 for an average new car, $430 per month for cable and internet
service, $730 per month for electricity.  If things continue as they are, that is where
things are heading.

If things stopped there, we will be somewhat fortunate, but things are due to get a lot