Remember as more dollars are introduced into the economy, the value of each dollar
is significantly reduced, thereby reducing your purchasing power.
We have lost 95% of our purchasing power in the last 40 years, I don’t think that is ok,
but our politicians feels that we will be perfectly satisfied with this loss.  

The collapse of the dollar is very close to becoming a reality.  We don’t know the exact
day or month, but we can be certain that it is near, very near.  The Government will not
announce this, else we would see riots and revolutions in America.  Presidents know

Ronald Reagan was acutely aware that our money system was not backed by gold and
that we were printing dollars with no value.  He, as a result, was saying, in the below
caption while addressing Ron Paul, that our nation is a nation of fools, and that the
sheep (the working public) will never figure this out.
Alan Greenspan while talking to Ron Paul regarding the gold standard:  Greenspan is
saying that in the absence of dollars being backed by gold, there is no safe place to
store value of the dollar such that people can enjoy the value of their incomes.
The fact that for the past 10 years for certain more and more Americans realize that
their standard of living will fall short of the standard of living for their parents and
grandparents.  This has led to a growing sense of frustration and anger.  More and
more Americans have resorted to crime to compensate for the losses they see as

This is the most frightening thing that his happening in America today.  You must get
the facts that make a difference, you must predict the government response to these
facts, and those government responses will likely make matters worse.

Get this book to learn what to do about what is happening now in America and the
world today because you all are in big trouble, and then  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DECIDE