The Reckoning:

The fact that our government can print any amount of dollars it likes and distribute it to
anyone it wants should terrify us all.  $400 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac, $280 billion to save Citigroup in 2008, $142 billion to bail out Bank of America in
2008.  Today, with our new recession, the Feds are not able to bail out Bank of
America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and so these banks are headed to China.  

Today, only IMF has the funds to bail out these corporations.  IMF is looking for a new
currency base. They are predicting that the dollar is no longer stable enough to bail out
these corporations.  

By the way, do you remember paying a special tax to save these firms, of course you
don’t remember.  If the government had asked us to pay for these bailouts, there
would have been a riot.  So the Government asked the Federal Reserve to print out the
money to make these payments. Trillions of dollars-worth of paper money was printed
to pay these bailouts.  American don’t know that those trillions of dollars were printed
to bail out these companies.  This decreases the value of the dollar for average
spending Americans, so we end up paying for the bailout through the loss of
purchasing power.