Where is the money going?
The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank has historically
dominated as the world finance organization for the last 60 years.  These
organizations has established Western domination over world finance,
economics and politics since at least 1936.

The old world order has been in decline, for sure, since 2000. The new world
order can now be seen quite clearly. Shanghai Cooperation and The BRICS is
creating an atmosphere of cooperation between states that for many years
were enemies, such as, India and China and India and Pakistan. Controlling
half the population of the globe, which are consumers, and actually about 50
to 60 percent of the worlds oil (when Iran comes aboard and it looks like Saudi
Arabia no longer trust America and will soon join BRICKS).  This cooperation
will out run IMF and the EU, Greece sees this and is preparing itself to leave
IMF and join  BRICS.  Greece has no other choice because IMF refuses to
lend it the 90 billion dollars it needs to pay the debt it owes to the EU.

The Greek debt was the result of a particular scenario that saw IMF loaning
Greece money to pay EU.  EU owns IMF and the World Bank.  So that the more
money Greece borrowed from IMF to pay EU, the greater the Greece debt
rose, and consequently the more ownership EU had over the Greece
economy, political order and social order.
One day Greece woke up to find itself completely owned by EU.
Greece is now moving away from EU and toward a newly constructed
monetary fund hosted by Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa
and many other East Asian countries.  This cooperation is called The BRICS.

Russia contains most of the natural resources of the world. There will be no
way IMF and EU and America will be able to compete with this new order
polarizing around Russia and China. Our congressmen and wealthy
corporations has know
n this for years and that is why so many American
companies have set ups in large malls in China.

Just outside
Beijing and as far as the eye can see, are large malls with stores
whose logos read "Bank of America", "Wells Fargo", "Walmart", "JP Morgan
Stanley", "Costcos" and many other American companies that are planning to
join the direction in which the world is moving.  Also, as far as the eye can see
in and around Beijing are large luxurious living quarters, which includes
apartment buildings, condominiums and single family western styled homes.  
All of these dwellings, as far as you can see, are currently empty.  

Anybody who is still talking about democracy must have their eyes closed.
This has nothing to do with democracy, communism, liberalism, conservatism,
baptism or catholicism or any of those i
sms we, the working class in America,
have been sold to keep our attention away from what is really happening in
the world. This is about world economy and those who understand that
will stand to make a lot of wealth even if beginning with a relatively small
amount of money. Invest it in what is happening in the world, and that
happening is in China, India, Russia, Iran.

I can see Germany and France eventually joining the Russia, China, India
block. Many American businesses will move their assets to China, China
knows this. This is the reason you can go to areas around Beijing and find
miles and miles of uninhabited large multi million yen skyscraper hotels and
apartments, miles of unoccupied malls with mostly American named stores.  

China is keenly aware that American and some Western European money is
coming to China. This is the reason that I can see Germany and France
eventually joining the Russia, China, India cooperation, because this is where
the consumers of the world are and that means, for businesses, this is where
the profits are. The profits for business is no longer in America, why do you
think that the very rich, 72 congressmen and other government officials,
wealthy individuals and large American corporations have taken their money
out of American banks? The only reason Japan and Britain will stay with the
West is because Japan has a rivalry with China that will preclude any alliance
between them. Canada is too close, geographically, to leave this sphere and
the Ausies will probably gain some sense and join where the money is, which
is the Russia, China, India block. The only ones who will be left in America
talking nonsense will be the American people, who,by that time, will be those
inhabiting the new third world. Business people and politicians know this. You

China is the next gold mine, America is the next third world country.